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Look At Me NowP.G.L
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About Us

P.G.L is a queer dark-electronic-pop duo, based in both Tel Aviv and Berlin.

Or Meilin (He/Him, She/Her), a multifaceted artist, brings a bold performance to the stage along with her sharp songwriting and bright melodies.
Meilin has been working under the stage name of P.G.L and lately teamed up with Taragan, the Tel Aviv music producer.

Jull Taragan (She/Her, They/Them) has been working in the Tel Aviv underground techno scene under the alias of Noise Redaction with her self-made modular synthesizer. Taragan's technical dedication lends to extravagantly produced shows as with her music production.

The two focus their music on edgy pop songs, often with radical meanings lying underneath. Galvanized by life experiences, they inflict a strong feeling of duality on the listener.


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